As a child I grew up as we say, “outside of the house”. I loved to play many children’s games, such as volleyball, basketball, simply running around or riding my bike and, during the winter, I did lots of ice skating. I always enjoyed sports and was always very competitive. I represented my secondary school in regional track and field competitions in sprinting, shotput, long jump and relay races. I also spent around seven years in a traditional dance group called “Rolnicky” and two years in a Rock-Roll dance group which I enjoyed a lot. Both groups were involved in national (Czech Republic) and International performance competitions.

Throughout my time in school and university I was always involved in many different physical activities, which led me to pursue higher studies in sport.

When I came to Australia I had to decide between pursuing work in the field of counselling or becoming a Personal Trainer. I always knew I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and their health. It is important for me to support people when they are struggling, and I aim to be an inspiration, a coach and a friend to them on their journeys towards better and healthier lives. I want to be the person who will drive them to achieve their fitness goals and, hopefully, help them feel satisfied about themselves and their bodies.


My main hobbies have always been dance and sports, and I strive to participate in more fitness activities. I enjoy leisure activities like roller-skating and outdoor running. I like the intensity and hard work of activities such as kick-boxing, in which I took several classes. I like any activity which pushes my limits, allows me to surpass myself and acquire new skills. My current challenge is to get ready to participate in my first Women’s Fitness Competition.


– Certificate III & IV in Fitness (AIP)
– Certificate II & III in Sport Coaching (CSF)
– Functional Training Institute Certificates in:

o Battle Ropes
o Kettlebells Level 1 & 2
o Power Bags
o Suspension Training
o Mobility

– Short Certificates (AIP)

o Anatomy for Strength Training
o Introduction to Nutrition for Fitness