I’m originally from Canada, but you’d never guess from my accent. I have been in this beautiful country for seven years, with absolutely no intention of ever going back. I love the sun, basically live at the beach during the summer months and was mildly disappointed at the discovery that thongs were not acceptable footwear year-round in Sydney.

I’m currently studying a degree in counselling and believe whole-heartedly that movement and mental health go hand in hand.

My passion for health and fitness developed at a young age, growing up playing soccer and spending some time in the school gym in high school. However, this has grown into more of a lifestyle for myself over the past eight or so years. Around 22, while struggling with a decline in my mental health, I sought out the gym in the hope of making some big changes. At the time the goal behind these changes was purely based on weight loss/physical appearance. I started with a body-building coach, and was left with a poor relationship with food and a lot of different aches and pains I couldn’t find the cause of. Gradually this shifted towards a more strength-based goal a few years later, and now my main goal being that movement — when done with a love for our bodies and without ridiculous expectations of ourselves — makes us feel good. For me, it’s really that simple!

So while I believe that your physical goals are extremely important, I feel it’s much more valuable to learn how to nourish our bodies. Exercise is a thousand times more enjoyable if we to seek to know what movement can offer us individually, and I feel it’s more important to learn how to follow through on a commitment to yourself — no matter how small. I know deep in my heart that when we can focus on these things, everything else will fall into place.


– 4 Years Experience training clients

– Certificate III and IV in Fitness

– 200HR Yoga Teacher Training

– Precision Nutrition

– First Aid and CPR