I’d describe myself as a tough little cookie with a heart and soul of gold from the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have over 20 years of experience dedicating myself to helping others and becoming the best version of myself possible. I have had a varied career path, from studying Business Economics, earning my licenses as an Aviation Maintenance Technician, to managing restaurants, working as a Chef and Bartender at listed Top 100 Bay Area scenes, to helping people with disability maintain their independence and quality of life.

When I landed on Sydney soil 5 years ago, I knew I was home. The sunshine, unique culinary scene and secret nooks and crannies along the coast gave me life! I had a feeling this was the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

After 5 years of self-discovery and getting to know the Aussie way of life, I began to uncover the amazing mental and physical benefits of Strength and Anaerobic training. The dynamics within my household, my energy and zest of life improved immensely. I started investigating ways I could help others achieve this feeling! So, I kicked my heels 3 times, channelled my inner Xena Warrior Princess and worked diligently to obtain my Certificate IV in Fitness (Master Trainer), and here I am to help you rock your world!

I thrive on building human connection in a soulful way, yet I can be real with you when real talk is called for. I will demand you bring your “A” game each and every session, and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader along the way. There’s no stopping us now! Let’s smash your fitness goals and have a bloody good time doing it!


– Certificate IV in Fitness
– Master Trainer Level 1
– Kettlebell Training
– Suspension Training
– Certificate in Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise
– First Aid and CPR