I always wanted to lose weight but was not really finding the right way to go about it and when I realized that it is more than a diet it really is a change in habits and lifestyle only then was I able to start setting up a good support network for myself as I wanted to be in an environment where I didn’t feel I was being judged. I found that with Coastal bodies. I needed to lose a lot of weight and change my bad eating habits and I knew it wasn’t just exercising that was going to help and that’s what I find to be so great with my trainer Emma, we discuss all topics from food to how the metabolism works, all while I am getting a great workout. She is always right there beside me helping and doing the exercise with me and the constant support and encouragement I get from Emma and Dan is above and beyond any other gym I have been to.

Coastal Bodies is about living a healthy life (not just being fit) and that’s what I want too. When I started with Coastal Bodies I found it hard to do Cardio exercise – and now I have just done my first City 2 Surf and look forward to competing in the next Fun run coming up. I feel happy about living a healthy lifestyle but don’t get me wrong I still have challenges where I feel like breaking out and eating crap and it is a struggle, but the rewards I get from living well are too good to ruin. When I get to my goal weight I know I will be able to have those things in moderation, but for now I enjoy the ride and the pride it gives me to be fit and healthy and 18 kgs lighter