I have been training with Coastal Bodies since July 2012. My whole life has changed. I have lost 18 kilos and 20 cm off my waist. I can grab a size 12 off the rack and I’m not done yet.

My trainer knows just how hard to push me and has helped me become a new person. I’ve never been a fan of exercise and would use any excuse to get out of it. When you know someone is waiting for you it’s a great motivator and once the weight starts coming off, you want to keep going.

I loved just showing up and being guided through my exercises. I never had to think about my workout, just show up and do it! I’ve discovered a love of boxing and am now getting into weightlifting.

Unlike previous weight loss, I know this is permanent as I have now been educated on how to exercise. I will always battle as I love my food, but now I know I can control my weight. I will continue to train with Coastal Bodies even when I reach my goal in order to maintain my weight.

Cindy Keller-Saad