Having just celebrated my 45th birthday, and feeling very overweight and unfit it was time to tackle the dreaded “middle age spread”. Having tried and failed miserably over the past few years I decided to embark on a different approach this time round. I contacted Dan at Coastal Bodies, who encouraged me to come in for a free consultation. What first struck me was the lack of pretentious clients and trainers, instead what greeted me was a friendly, non-judgemental environment.

Yes the first Session with Brian was hard, and yes I was sore afterwards the difference being this time I understood why I was sore, and why we worked certain muscle groups and how we were going to transform my body. He also had a good look at my diet, and whilst I thought it was reasonably good, learned without too much trouble, it could be a whole lot better. Not only Brian and Dan, but all the trainers are friendly, helpful and encouraging at all times.

After about 8 months with steady results, I hit the dreaded “plateau” which is normally the time when unwelcome old habits start reintroducing themselves. However not this time, instead I signed up to take on the Coastal Bodies 8 Week Challenge. With the encouragement and support of other clients doing the challenge, Brian and the team at Coastal Bodies I have now finally achieved my weight & fitness goal. This not only has this given me some much needed self-pride, but I no longer feel like a “middle aged woman”. The physical achievements have been great, however it’s the knowledge I’ve gained along the way that is my inspiration to continue with my now improved lifestyle. So a huge thanks to Coastal Bodies and in particular to Brian my personal trainer.

Deb Tolmar