When I first started at Coastal Bodies, I knew I wanted to change something but I just wasn’t sure what that needed to be. I had tried to start my fitness journey several times before, but nothing seemed to last longer than a few weeks.

What I needed was a helping hand, expert advice, and routine, which is exactly what I got from Keenzia and the incredible Coastal Bodies team. The most exciting thing for me was experiencing the small successes – seeing results and being able to share them with trainers who are genuinely excited and happy for you. The community aspect of the studio really worked for me – I felt motivated, comfortable and I actually had a lot of fun.

In the first six months of my time here I’d lost 10kgs and many centimetres all over – but more importantly than anything, my mindset on growth and fitness had transformed. If you finally want to see change that is meaningful and sustainable, I couldn’t recommend the CB team any higher!