At 56 years old and many failed dieting plans and get fit ideas I knew I was running out of time to get the best out of my life in health and happiness.

That’s when I decided that taking up Coastal Bodies 8 week challenge could be my last attempt to redeem myself.

The professional staff with their friendly advice put me back on track. They formulated my dieting and training around my personal needs, and in the eight weeks I was impressed with my 6.4kg weight loss and my 7.5 cm waste reduction.

Lets face it, Coastal Bodies are only there to offer their support and know how!!! The hard work has to come from yourself. Yes the old “No pain no gain” attitude.

Doing it yourself becomes boring and tedious and you always come up with an excuse that you have something better to do. But the Coastal Bodies team actually made all the training fun and in a team environment I actually looked forward to going. And the dieting is also a painful exercise but with results showing and the team’s encouragement it was easier to get through it.

Now that I’ve achieved my goal I would like to maintain my fitness levels and look forward to Coastal Bodies team to keep me there.

Well done to all.

John Andrew