Katy is an exceptional trainer — clearly passionate about promoting fitness and bringing out your personal best in each session. Katy’s tougher than the guys! She proactively manages and tailors your training programme from session to session, helping you achieve amazing results quickly. Katy has helped me improve my body tone and fitness level significantly after only a couple of months. I’ve also discovered muscles I had forgotten I have. Katy’s cheerful and warm demeanour provide the perfect cover for how hard she is making you work. Determined to ensure you achieve your goals, she listens and drives you (with a smile!) so that you get the most out of your personally tailored routine. What I appreciate most about Katy, is that near enough isn’t good enough: she monitors your technique closely and discreetly corrects it so that you don’t fall into bad habits. I really look forward to my training sessions each week, despite knowing full well that I’ll be put through my paces!  I walk away energised and keen to train harder the next time.

I highly recommend Katy to people of all fitness levels. Once you’ve trained with Katy, you won’t look back.