When I decided that I wanted to start the 8 Week Challenge, I wasn’t exactly sure of what to expect. I hadn’t trained for twelve months and was quiet nervous to start.

From the very beginning the staff at Coastal Bodies were fabulous! After the orientation and introduction to the Challenge, I was very excited to start, and be part of it. The thorough explanation of food that can be eaten, to the training options were great, and I could choose exactly how I wanted to train and when.

After 1 month into the Challenge, I was already seeing results. My energy levels had improved, I had dropped a few kilos, and I was sleeping and functioning better.

My trainer, Eva, knew exactly when to up my training and supported me every step of the way. The enthusiasm and praise encouraged me week after week to continue with the Challenge.

It’s now nearly three months after the Challenge, and I am still training with Coastal Bodies, which has now become part of my life.

To all the wonderful Team at Coastal Bodies, and the great people I have met through training, I thank you all for your friendship and support.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel healthy and make a change to getting fit and into shape.

Margaret Markham