I have been a client of Coastal Bodies for the last three years. In that time I have achieved substantial weight loss (and kept it off) and a massive increase in my overall fitness. I am now fitter than I was in my twenties (I am 67 years old). It is only the personal attention of the Coastal Bodies trainers that has allowed me to achieve these significant health gains. There have been a number of surprises on the journey. The first, is that as your fitness improves — the whole exercise regime gets easier! When I first started I had to drag myself to one session a week. As my fitness and recovery time improved I started to look forward to coming to the session, so I increased the number of sessions. Your trainer still gets you to work hard — but your rapid recovery means that you quickly regain your breath, ready to proceed to the next set of exercises! The second surprise, was the professionalism of the Coastal Bodies Trainers. Brian Wardle, my first trainer, was a qualified physiotherapist. I had long been troubled by Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot. Brian noted that there were groups of muscles in my hips that were not being activated. He devised exercises that strengthened these muscles and now my foot problems are gone! I am now back skiing and running — which I love but have previously not been able to do for decades! I have noted that all the Coastal Bodies Trainers, both past and present, were highly qualified professionals. Every one of them turns up to each session with a written exercise plan customised to the clients needs and goals. The third surprise was how my improved fitness affected my mental outlook on life. After exercise, when I work, I am now more positive, clear-headed, focussed and, basically — I feel plain happy! Joining Coastal Bodies was one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. It is like training with friends. Whilst many people may say that Coastal Bodies training has changed their life for the better, for me, this is a literal truth!

Robert Gemmell