Why we need to squat like we did when we were children

In much of the developed world, resting is just another word for sitting. We find ourselves sitting in cars, buses, at desks or during lunch. Then we come home to sit on the sofa and watch TV, or browse through social media channels. It’s 2018, and we are sitting more than ever before. For most

Health & Fitness Myths... What you need to know

It’s hard to know what to believe and what not to believe when it comes to the internet, health and fitness, and the new fads or trends. There’s so much advertising and opinion that it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack when trying to decipher fact from fiction. I’ve picked a few common

Exercise is a vital component of cancer treatment!

Contrary to previous medical advice encouraging you to rest, there has recently been an exciting and dramatic shift in the approach to the treatment of cancer. Exercise, particularly resistance training, is now being prescribed by a group of leading Australian cancer experts as a vital part of the treatment plan for cancer patients, even if

Get Stronger, Live Longer

Join the Resistance Movement! by Steve Denenberg Once considered the exclusive domain of steroid-dependent “Gym Junkies”, the use of weights and strength exercises are now seen as a powerful way to resist the effects of ageing and injury. The Resistance Movement is a strength and resistance based programme for the 60s+, developed by Senior Trainer

Intermittent Fasting... Is it for you?

Intermittent Fasting (IF) has been receiving a lot of attention lately, so you may be wondering what it’s all about, and if it’s just another new diet trend or fad. In truth, intermittent fasting is nothing new at all. It’s actually been around ever since humans have existed on earth. Not only did our ancestors

Fitness Trackers... Do They Work?

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