The 8 Week Challenge

Transform Your Life

8 Week Body Transformation Challenge – Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

Have you struggled to lose weight in the past? Tried every diet and exercise programme out there and been disappointed with the results? Our 8 week weight loss challenge in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney aims to give you the tools you need to take the first steps towards improving your health, fitness and well-being. With the help of our program, you’ll learn how to:

  • set clear, realistic and achievable goals that ensure you succeed;
  • eat in a way that will optimise your workouts and energy levels;
  • exercise effectively so that you burn maximum body fat while retaining essential muscle mass;
  • maintain the benefits throughout the rest of the year.

Our role is to support and guide you, so you’ll receive as much help as you need from our team of expert trainers. We do this by including:

  • An information and goal setting session;
  • measurements at the start, half-way mark and finish;
  • teaching you the Deficit Day System nutrition plan (created by The Boutagy Fitness Institute);
  • showing you how to use the MyFitnessPal app to track your nutrition;
  • planning your own individualised training programme to support your goals;
  • weekly accountability and check-ins.

To find out more about our 8 week challenge in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, call us (Personal Fitness Coach/Trainer/Instructor in Eastern Suburbs Sydney) on 1300 177 119 or send us an email at or complete our online enquiry form.

Hear from our Clients:
My name is Esther, and I’ve just finished the 8 Week Challenge at Coastal Bodies in South Coogee. I have always been physically active but limited by knee injury. I have had PT sessions at coastal Bodies weekly the last three years. Love walking along the coast and I love to swim two to three times a week. I was initially very sceptical about joining the 8 week Challenge as I didn’t think I’d really be that successful in losing much weight. I have dieted in the past but only ever lost a few kilos. But with my 60th birthday coming up, Lisa convinced me to participate . I found it was simple to follow so I thought OK I can try this! I supplemented the diet with two weekly weight sessions and walking and swimming on the other days. I didn’t write down any goals but had in mind that I wanted to lose 3 to 4 kilos realistically. I had already lost this at the half way point and this was a good incentive to lose more. I was absolutely thrilled with the results. My tummy started to flatten and I had lost centimetres off my waist and hips. I never expected I could lose 7.6 kilos ! I have dropped a dress size, and am fitting into clothes that I was wearing more than ten years ago. I lost 7.6kg in weight, 7% body fat (or 7.46 kg of actual fat), and a total of 34.5 cm all over! I’m so surprised I lost all the weight from my tummy (6.8 cm), I look much better in my bikini, and feel healthier and fitter. The Deficit Day diet system was easy to follow and so effective. In combination with upping my weights training to three times a week, it meant that all the weight I lost came from body fat and not muscle. I really enjoyed the Challenge because it was simple to follow, and I saw the results happening after the first week. Also I do like to challenge myself and apparently I have lost the most weight ever on this  8 week challenge at Coastal Bodies. Coastal Bodies is a small personalised gym providing personal training and some small group classes. I’d recommend Coastal Bodies because the team are always friendly and professional and will help you achieve your goals or in my case they can help set goals for you!

When I started my 12 week challenge I have given up on my confidence and fitness. Even though I have always been a very fit person who took pride in what I ate and in my love for exercising, in the past three years the busy life of a full time teacher and full time mother took over my life. I allowed it to snowball into an unhealthy lifestyle which resulted in a lack of confidence. It was like the longer I didn’t exercise the harder it became. On one of those particularly down days I found myself venting to my dear friend Vicki. Instead of waiting for her usual reply… “yeah I know… we should do something”… she declared “I joined Coastal Bodies 8 Week challenge today, do it with me!” And there I was… being assessed by Callum. All the time he was measuring me I kept wanting to run away! Of course Callum made me feel comfortable, and I found myself leaving Coastal that day armed with a food plan and a spring in my step. The rest is history! Thank you to Lisa and her incredible dedicated team who trained and motivated me, and went beyond just being a gym. By marrying clear and simple guidelines about food with a personal fitness plan… here I am, 15 kilos lighter, more confident and just simply happier! Thank you Coastal Bodies — you gave me my life back! Natalia

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