PT Intro Offer

Do you want to have more energy so you don’t feel so tired all the time?

Want to get in better shape to keep up with the kids?

Or lose a few kilos to feel great and look your best?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is for you!

Come and see for yourself why we are the perfect fit for you with our 3 PT sessions for $99 trial offer.

At Coastal Bodies you’ll get:

• Dedicated and genuinely interested trainers, whose goal is to give you the best experience possible
• A sense of community where trainers and fellow members all know your name
• A variety of flexible training options to suit your specific needs, so you train how and when you want to
• An inclusive, friendly and unpretentious training space, so you feel comfortable at all times
• The chance to reach your full potential, whether you’re 10 or 80 years old
• Support and accountability every step of the way, so you stay on track and reach your goals

Some of our Success Stories:


Shane –
“I saw great results in just 8 weeks at Coastal Bodies, which inspired me to continue my fitness journey at the studio. The team and community in this gym is fantastic. Unfortunately, I now have to leave Australia and wish I could take the team back to Ireland with me.”



Liz – “I’ve been going to gyms off and on for quite a few years, I’ve tried personal trainers and, although they were well educated and good at what they did, I never stuck with it. Then, a year ago, I decided I really needed to focus on getting back into shape, but joining a huge gym just wasn’t for me. One year on, and I’m still with Coastal Bodies. Everyone works together and I feel like I’m part of a family. AND, most importantly, I’m seeing results! The other day, someone asked me why I drive from Paddington to South Coogee for my workouts. This is why!”

Laith – “For 12 months I travelled to work on the bus, going past Coastal Bodies saying to myself ‘I will go there one day…’ but always thought of an excuse to justify why I couldn’t this week… ‘I will do it next week’. Then I hit 39 years old and joined the Studio. With Coastal Bodies’ help I felt better and better as each week passed. I had tried personal trainers at the big gyms and found them to be disinterested or intimidating, but not at Coastal Bodies — they are friendly and want to help you achieve your goals.”





Cindy – “Since training with Coastal Bodies, my whole life has changed. I can finally look in the mirror and say that this is the me I’m meant to be. My trainer knows just how hard to push me and has helped me become a new person. I’ve never been a fan of exercise and would use any excuse to get out of it. When you know someone is waiting for you it’s a great motivator and you want to keep going. My family is proud of me and I am finally happy, stronger, more confident and fitter than I have ever been in my life.”





With our 3 for $99 one-on-one personal training trial offer, what have you got to lose? Take the first (and hardest) step in your journey to better health and fitness, and fill in the form below to claim your $99 pass! (*This offer is limited to the first 50 people)

The first 10 people to claim this offer will receive 1 month of FREE classes (value $300)