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Matt Bown

I first started training with Katy and the Coastal Body crew when recovering from shoulder reconstruction surgery. She created a bespoke training plan to bring strength and full movement back to my shoulder as well as regain some fitness lost during the initial inactive recovery period. Thanks to their careful management and motivation I quickly made a full recovery and was enjoying the environment and training so much I wanted to stay on anyway. Having been an on and off gym goer previously I was always skeptical about the real value of personal training but Coastal Bodies and Katy changed my mind on this one and the semi-private group training offers a great way to follow your own training program in a fun, and sometimes competitive, but good spirited environment!

Colin Roberts

I have been a client of Coastal Bodies on and off for over five years, on occasion being posted absent as a result of location or business travel but always gravitating back for two simple reasons: the quality of the trainers and the Coastal Bodies community.

Fitness in my mind comes down to commitment and discipline, and with  top quality trainers and a community which is always welcoming and strives to get the best out of each and every member it becomes second nature to remain committed and disciplined. Of course you still need to turn up and ‘go for it’ and that is what you see every client doing — pushing each other to hit their own personal goals.

A great environment to train in, I would highly recommend Coastal Bodies as a place to train and achieve your fitness goals.

Brad & Rosie Fensom

We had been with personal trainers previous to Coastal Bodies and felt we weren’t making any progress with our personal goals and there was no long-term ‘plan’ to meet our personal goals and objectives.

We then started with Coastal Bodies two years ago and immediately noted the difference in the professionalism and dedication of the Coastal Bodies team. Our goals and objectives were discussed and a long-term holistic plan of action was put in place — Coastal Bodies has changed our lives! We enjoy the personal training sessions as well as group sessions and are now constantly evolving our personal goals as our bodies and mindset develop.

Thank you to David, Jason and the team at Coastal Bodies!

Susanna Yui

I have been training at Coastal Bodies for more than six years. The sessions have always been fun and this keeps me motivated. Katy is a pleasure to train with and our sessions have never been boring. Keep up the good work!


Katy is an exceptional trainer — clearly passionate about promoting fitness and bringing out your personal best in each session. Katy’s tougher than the guys! She proactively manages and tailors your training programme from session to session, helping you achieve amazing results quickly. Katy has helped me improve my body tone and fitness level significantly after only a couple of months. I’ve also discovered muscles I had forgotten I have. Katy’s cheerful and warm demeanour provide the perfect cover for how hard she is making you work. Determined to ensure you achieve your goals, she listens and drives you (with a smile!) so that you get the most out of your personally tailored routine. What I appreciate most about Katy, is that near enough isn’t good enough: she monitors your technique closely and discreetly corrects it so that you don’t fall into bad habits. I really look forward to my training sessions each week, despite knowing full well that I’ll be put through my paces!  I walk away energised and keen to train harder the next time.

I highly recommend Katy to people of all fitness levels. Once you’ve trained with Katy, you won’t look back.

Kathy Tucker

I consider myself a passionate supporter of Coastal Bodies. It has supported me through the up cycles as well as the down cycles, and it has been about maintaining fitness whatever the weight.

John Andrew

At 56 years old and many failed dieting plans and get fit ideas I knew I was running out of time to get the best out of my life in health and happiness.

That’s when I decided that taking up Coastal Bodies 8 week challenge could be my last attempt to redeem myself.

The professional staff with their friendly advice put me back on track. They formulated my dieting and training around my personal needs, and in the eight weeks I was impressed with my 6.4kg weight loss and my 7.5 cm waste reduction.

Lets face it, Coastal Bodies are only there to offer their support and know how!!! The hard work has to come from yourself. Yes the old “No pain no gain” attitude.

Doing it yourself becomes boring and tedious and you always come up with an excuse that you have something better to do. But the Coastal Bodies team actually made all the training fun and in a team environment I actually looked forward to going. And the dieting is also a painful exercise but with results showing and the team’s encouragement it was easier to get through it.

Now that I’ve achieved my goal I would like to maintain my fitness levels and look forward to Coastal Bodies team to keep me there.

Well done to all.

Shane Power

I started at Coastal Bodies with the 8 week Challenge. I saw great results in that period and it inspired me to continue my fitness journey at the studio. The team and community in this gym is fantastic. I really enjoyed the small group classes. Unfortunately I now have to leave Australia and wish I could take this gym and team back to Ireland with me. Thanks so much to Dave, Eva, Callum and Lisa.

Margaret Markham

When I decided that I wanted to start the 8 Week Challenge, I wasn’t exactly sure of what to expect. I hadn’t trained for twelve months and was quiet nervous to start.

From the very beginning the staff at Coastal Bodies were fabulous! After the orientation and introduction to the Challenge, I was very excited to start, and be part of it. The thorough explanation of food that can be eaten, to the training options were great, and I could choose exactly how I wanted to train and when.

After 1 month into the Challenge, I was already seeing results. My energy levels had improved, I had dropped a few kilos, and I was sleeping and functioning better.

My trainer, Eva, knew exactly when to up my training and supported me every step of the way. The enthusiasm and praise encouraged me week after week to continue with the Challenge.

It’s now nearly three months after the Challenge, and I am still training with Coastal Bodies, which has now become part of my life.

To all the wonderful Team at Coastal Bodies, and the great people I have met through training, I thank you all for your friendship and support.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel healthy and make a change to getting fit and into shape.

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