When I first started at Coastal Bodies, I knew I wanted to change something but I just wasn’t sure what that needed to be. I had tried to start my fitness journey several times before, but nothing seemed to last longer than a few weeks. What I needed was a helping hand, expert advice, and routine,…


I have been training at Coastal Bodies for more than six years. The sessions have always been fun and this keeps me motivated. Katy is a pleasure to train with and our sessions have never been boring. Keep up the good work!

Susanna Yui

Katy is an exceptional trainer — clearly passionate about promoting fitness and bringing out your personal best in each session. Katy’s tougher than the guys! She proactively manages and tailors your training programme from session to session, helping you achieve amazing results quickly. Katy has helped me improve my body tone and fitness level significantly…


I consider myself a passionate supporter of Coastal Bodies. It has supported me through the up cycles as well as the down cycles, and it has been about maintaining fitness whatever the weight.

Kathy Tucker

When I decided that I wanted to start the 8 Week Challenge, I wasn’t exactly sure of what to expect. I hadn’t trained for twelve months and was quiet nervous to start. From the very beginning the staff at Coastal Bodies were fabulous! After the orientation and introduction to the Challenge, I was very excited…

Margaret Markham

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