I hold a Bachelor of Science degree, a Certificate III and IV in Fitness, and am a qualified Personal Trainer, Kettlebell and TRX trainer. I have had extensive experience and knowledge in the health and fitness industry, utilising my skill-set in nutrition and anatomy. Prior to working in the fitness industry, I served as a soldier in the Israeli army.

As a Personal Trainer for seven years, I have worked with a diverse range of clients of all ages with a variety of health and medical conditions. I have run both large and small group exercise classes, boot camps, and one-on-one training sessions ranging from settings in the outdoors and gym studios, to hydrotherapy for rehabilitation and physiotherapy clients. I am passionate about rehabilitation, science and mobility, and have strong communication skills.

I believe that, as a Personal Trainer, it is all about being customer service orientated. I am outgoing, friendly, understanding and most importantly always there for my client’s needs, and enjoy pushing them to excel and meet their goals. Alongside this, as the Personal Training Manager for Coastal Bodies, I am focused on maintaining the quality of training and programming in the studio through staff development and programming based on evidence-based practice.


– Bachelor of Science (major in Anatomy)
– Certificate III & IV in Fitness
– Kettlebells Certification Level 1, 2 & 3
– Certificate in Rehabilitation
– TRX Suspension Trainer Certification
– Mobility Certification
– Battle Ropes Certification
– Power Bags Certification